29 April 2010

BKSA gain national governing body status

Well done to all those who put in the hard work to get this status.

Lets hope this helps the sport grow from strength to strength.

15 November 2009

BKSA kiteival success continues

After the final rounds, consensus was that Kiteval 2009 had been a resounding success. The first ever landbased freestyle kitebuggy and kite landboard competitions had been run at the three kiteival events with entries from some of the world's top freestyle kiters. There were even enough entries from the girls to run a ladies comp. Hats off to Mikee Allwood and Andy Preston for doing the judging, promoting and organising of the land side of things allowing it to run smoothly alongside the established kitesurfing events. Here's hoping that the sponsors (Buff, King of Watersports, and DeadMan Kitesurf as well as the local authorities & all the other supporting companies) were happy with the publicity & will be back for more next year.

12 September 2008

Vansurf 2008

What could be better? VW vans and kites?

Not quite a kite festival at the legendary Black Rock Sands, but a VW meet with a bit of kiting thrown in. Limited landbased kiting, but definitely loads of water based fun. Let's just hope there's a bit of wind eh?

28 August 2008

£2.5m wind sport plan for Fylde beach - Blackpool Today

�2.5m wind sport plan for Fylde beach - Blackpool Today

Best bit of news for a while!